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Secondary issues... memory?

CathP Member Posts: 7 Listener
edited May 2014 in Cerebral palsy
HI all,
I hope everyone is having a good Friday night/weekend. An odd question from me. Well, odd for what I know of CP and what I've experienced going back. I still lead an active life with a stressful job and am married with a busy social life. I have spastic diplegia affecting legs and mobility.
I worry I overdo it. I don't remember things anymore. Simple things that people tell me, and things that I've done and that I've enjoyed and experienced. My brain seems to de-prioritise and doesn't see as important and forgets.

It's like it doesn't have enough power to run the busy life I lead and remember everything I do and am told. I feel about 80 sometimes and am far off 40.

Does anyone else experience this, or is it just me? I fear can sometimes blame too much on the CP, but the brain is a complicated instrument and can be difficult to understand!

C. xx.


  • Nuala Watt
    Nuala Watt Member Posts: 30 Listener
    Hi C

    I'm not an authority, but I don't think your memory issues are related to spastic diplegia. Mobility (and cp) is organised at the back of the brain, whereas memory is felt with at the front. Perhaps you're stressed? Or just getting a bit older. If you're worried, perhaps go and see your GP. Best of luck. Nuala


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