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bike for 6year old with diplegia cp

ambia90 Member Posts: 5
hi my daughter does have a imp trike which is amazing but isnt going to last much longer for my daughter. can anyone give me advice on bikes/trikes for her or if anyone has got a bike and adapted it for your childs needs such as foot braces etc. my daughter struggles keeping her feet in one place on a bike without some support. my daughter uses splints which are amazing need something that is going to keep her feet secure.
thanks to anyone with advice :)


  • JordanMcGrory
    JordanMcGrory Member Posts: 2
    It sounds like you're already there but certainly when I was little I had an adapted trike. Sites like the below ones sell all kinds of trikes and adaptations to suit various troubles.

    You can order various parts to customise to needs. For example my childhood trike had both strap-in and self-leveling pedals.

    The trick I think is to search for adult trikes; which will help you find real as opposed to toy or toddler trikes. Lots of the adult sites seem to do child's ranges.

    As for your daughter growing out of what is a very expensive kit I'm afraid I can't offer much advice - except maybe feed her fewer veg!
  • JDWilson
    JDWilson Member Posts: 90
    There are many sites for trikes for disabled people If you dont need the trike majorly adapted you could try e-bay? we got a trike from Mission Cycles which was good but rather heavy I have seen some lighter ones but also a lot more expensive. We had self leveling pedals on 2nd trike we got but couldnt use the foot straps as her feet turned outwards too much we tried her in shoes that had a Chunk heel on the like pedro boot this helped to keep her feet on a little better but it came down to practice in the end. Good Luck.


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