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employment benefit claim

akkanaeda Member Posts: 4
I'm on the work programme because my CP (spastic hemiplegia) is minimal, to the extent you'd generally not know it was there since I had an op when I was 7 to sort out how I walk and because I do yoga and weights to try and improve flexibility and strength. I'd like to know what to do about the fact that while I can intellectually use Excel, my physical ability to use it has decreased. Right now I am expected to apply for office and admin jobs because there is no official medical reason why I shouldn't. In fact what is happening is that I'm losing hand eye coordination so that I can no longer for example thread even very large beads on a very thick string. This affects my ability to use a computer because I can't use the mouse to select boxes, or highlight words/phrases. Question is, assuming the Dr can actually prove this is happening (and I don't know how they will, short of sitting me in front of a computer and watching what happens) will this affect my ability to claim JSA? Do you think the disability adviser in the job centre will be able to help? Last time I spoke to one about something she didn't seem to have a clue.


  • speedyinpain
    speedyinpain Member Posts: 52 Listener
    Hi akkanaeda,

    That is a interesting question, one term that is always quoted is "reasonable adjustments" DWP's Jobcentreplus is a service provider so they are required to make there services accessible for you If you need to claim JSA. You could ask the Jobcentre whether they can use "browse aloud" or JAWS software capabilities on their job search machines

    BrowseAloud is assistive technology that adds text-to-speech functionality to websites

    JAWS for Windows works with your PC to provide access to today's software applications and the Internet for those who are blind or have low vision, its multilingual synthesizer, Eloquence, speaks through the computer's sound card, reading information from the screen aloud and providing access to a wide variety of informative, educational, and job-related applications.

    Hope this helps, I suggest asking the DEA, and see what answer you receive from them,

  • speedyinpain
    speedyinpain Member Posts: 52 Listener
    Hi AmberBond

    Are you talking about a claim for a social security benefit, or claim against an employer?

  • AmberBond
    AmberBond Member Posts: 1
    Can you explain the term "reasonable adjustments" in the employee benefit claim.


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