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Buggy Board Design Project

finalyeardesignstudentfinalyeardesignstudent Member Posts: 3
I am a final year design student and for my major project I am looking at designing a buggy board that can be clamped to the majority of wheelchairs. Is there need for this?? and also how come buggy boards such as the Lascal Buggy Board do not easily fit to wheelchairs?


  • forgoodnesssakeforgoodnesssake Member Posts: 368 Pioneering
    This is a really interesting idea...and I can think of situations where it could be very useful. However you will have to bear in mind that the majority of manual wheelchairs (I assume you are not intending this for power chairs!) are provided by Health Authority Wheelchair Services and I think I am safe to say that they would be pretty agast at the idea of anytning being attached to the back because of tipping/H & S concerns.
    - Many manual chairs also come with anti-tip bars at the back, which would make attaching anythign difficult (the fact that they make actually pushiung the chair without continually bashing your feet and ankles almost impossible is another matter!)
    So not saying "no" but just a word of caution!
  • jodenjoden Member Posts: 12
    HI, i know there is a need . When my son was 6 and in specialist buggy and still is called mojo buggy base i had a new baby and didn't go out house till baby could sit in a buggy pod which i attached to side of my sons buggy . I attached it the best i could but was still only suitable for short journeys .

    I would love to see something that can help get your disabled child and young baby /toddler out and about that didn't cost the earth.

  • mollymoobarnesmollymoobarnes Member Posts: 107
    As a mum of twins - one with quad CP and one able-bodied I totally agree that having a buggy board that would attach to a wheelchair or specialist buggy would be really useful. My 2 are 2 and a half so not quite ready yet for doing away with the second seat on a pushchair but the time is coming. For us, at the time we realised that the mainstream pushchair we had was doing Tom's posture no good, the only satisfactory option was to spend over
  • Thank you all for replying!

    It seems then from your perspectives that a buggy board that has the ability to attach to a manual wheel chair or to perhaps other postural & specialist seating is needed. I agree that there are other solutions such as the Activate Tandem Buggy but its just so
  • sansocsansoc Member Posts: 3 Connected

    I would certainly be interested. My four year old has quad CP and prefers to go into school in his wheelchair rather that his kaye walker (as it is a bit bumpy and uneven on the paths). I also have a 1 year old who I currently strap in a baby carrier to do the school run. However, I have been wondering how I will manage when he will no longer fit (or be happy!) to go in the baby carrier but may be to unsteady to walk or too tired to manage the distance.

    I was just investigating if buggy boards would fit on wheelchairs when I found your post. I think it would be very handy as there are lots of families out there with more than one child who also have a disabled child.

    Good luck
  • Dear All,

    I have only just seen your posts as I'm extremely busy with final year projects coming and going, and sometimes forget to check the forum for updates.

    As some you seem to be part of the user group/problem group that I am investigating, I would be interested to talking to you further to gain more research information as any primary research is great for me personally and if I can help you then that is ideal!

    Im assuming you would not want to put your e-mail on a forum for everyone to see, so if possible could you e-mail me at my university address [email protected]

    Please keep any information coming especially if you encounter problems because that is the only way I can truly help you by designing a product that meets your needs. And if I was to place a questionnaire online in the next coming weeks, would everyone be ok to answer it?

    Thanks VERY much once again!
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