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Standing frame needed please help!!!!

Hi I'm having a nightmare with my local physio trying to get a standing frame for my 4 year old daughter,she had one at 1.5 and grew out of it and I called physio to collect it and with that they took 18 months to take it back when another poor child would of needed it,I don't drive so couldn't transport it back and it had to go back to somewhere pretty far away rather than the local CDC...I have been to the bobath centre and they insist that she is in a frame they called and called my physio he didn't even if anyone out there has a prone lucky 2 or something similar for sale please contact me as it affecting her stiff ankles now not standing thank you


  • jodie24
    jodie24 Member Posts: 9
    I was sad to read your post which highlights just how different physios are. although we don't have a standing frame, we have had "battles" with physios over the last couple of years. Whilst the Physios themselves are great (mostly) there is an extreme lack of funding and sometimes we have had to write letters to the Team Leaders/Managers . I know this takes extra time but it is an awful situation you are unable to obtain a much needed standing frame for your child. If I were you I would speak very loudly in order to get what you need. good luck x


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