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Epilepsy and cp

Nuala Watt
Nuala Watt Member Posts: 30 Listener
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Hi guys

I'm 28 and have spastic diplegia, as well as being partially sighted. On the 22nd of December I had a seizure, and was taken to hospital. I'm seeing the neurologist on Wednesday. I think I had a seizure once before, when I was 3, but as far as I know I haven't had any others. However I have had the nausea that comes before a seizure periodically - every month or so - all my life. The first time I remember it happening I was four, so it probably happened before then. I have waves of nausea for about thirty seconds, which recur perhaps four times over a couple of days, then they go away again until the next time. I didn't know this nausea was related to epilepsy - I thought it was just a quirk. Does anyone know anything about epilepsy and cp? I'm not especially keen on acquiring another medical label - I've already got a few. I've known people with epilepsy and I've always felt I was better off than them, because although cp looks dramatic it doesn't spring surprises on you. It's really quite boring, thankfully. I'm hoping I might only have the one fit and no more. Does anybody know anything? Thanks. Best wishes Nuala


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