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Very confused and upset in desperate need of advice :(

maria83 Member Posts: 4
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Hi my father is 57 yrs old and for most of my adult life I have known him to be diagnosed with spastic hemiplegia and is profoundly deaf. Today he had the physio come out. Now you have to bear in mind he has had very little medical input as a child, had his first MRI scan last year, my nan was told to put him in a home at birth but she refused and worked hard to get him walking and talking by the age of 7 yrs old. He still has speech issues due to deafness but communicate quite well and uses a wheelchair now about 70% of the time can only walk indoors very unsteadily. She assessed his whole mobility today and muscle tone etc. It turns out he has spastic quadripeigia with a hypertonic trunk. Basically his whole body suffers from severe spasms :( I dont know what to do or say?? I am so upset, My mum is panicing and getting really anxious about how she is going to carry on caring for him :( she is also ill and has her own health to worry about :( HELP comes to mind :(


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    Hi maria83, try not to panic....
    Hemiplegia (half the body) and Quadraplegia(all 4 limbs) just refer to the parts of the body affected,and your father should be generally no worse today than he has been up to now, other than the ageing process which sometimes affects people with hemi/quadraplegia rather more severely. Technically he still has the same condition that he has always had.
    Regular physiotherapy is very useful to improve tone and posture and may help to increase your fathers mobility.
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