Cerebral Palsy
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jem2468jem2468 Member Posts: 2
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Hi everyone.

My name is Ritu, im 31, im indian and I have spasticity. I cope with it myself, but others eg family and society dont seem to understand it. People ask my family whats wrong with me but they dont tell them whats really going on because they are ashamed and they dont understand the meaning of my disorder, and I do wish they would tell these people that its none of their business or just say *what are you on about shes perfect in our eyes* (but they dont) and they just shout at me and I just start crying because of these shallow people. The last boyfriend I had said to my mum to find another man for me (as he couldnt live with my condition) Im sure theres many of you out there who are in a similar situation as me. It all started in my early 20s that I started to get severe cramps in my legs which caused me to walk with a limp (this is still the case), I didnt think much of it until the last couple of years where I couldnt take no more of the stares I get, the falls that happen, and just the tightness of my leg muscles. I was diagnosed with Spasticity Paraplegia. I am now taken muscle relaxant tablets and it does help, however i still get cramps and I still walk with the limp. I have started physio (through the neuro rehab where I live) and she thought I should join this forum as I am a head strong person who is very active and its a way to meet new people with similar conditions etc. So here I am, this is no way of telling a sad story (like some of people on xfactor (as an example)), im just telling you about me. I would love to hear from people with similar conditions and chat :)

Anyways I do hope I hear from people

Ritu xx


  • webdesignwebdesign Member Posts: 2
    I'm sorry to hear about your condition. Although I do not know your exact condition but imagining it according to your story is difficult.Jem I can see that you are brave person and don't allow depression run into your life. You can still do a lot of things despite of your condition. Just set aside all your grudges if you have and you will able to see things in more positive perspective.

    Also, don't worry about your family. They will gradually understand your situation and accept your current situation as day pass by. So, it needs time for them to understand.
  • jem2468jem2468 Member Posts: 2

    Sorry its Spasticity Paraplegia, its progressive stiffness of the lower limbs. I try and be brave but it's not that easy, I would like to run again as I enjoyed it in my teenage years. Do you have any conditions of some sort? or do you work for scope?
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