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Are there any special bikes for my four year old boy who has mild CP?

Ikeysmum Member Posts: 10
Hi all.
I have never been on a forum before and just joined as I was looking at the scope website.
I have four year old twin boys, and one of them has mild Cerebral Palsy. He can walk, and is not affected mentally, but he falls alot and cannot pedal or ride a scooter. I did have one of those wide wheeled freestanding balance bikes and it was brilliant but he has outgrown it. (We did try a bike with stabilisers first and have kept trying but he simply cannot pedal, and his consultant says he probably never will) I took him to the park today and he was getting so frustrated that he couldnt sit up on the swing like his friends were, or ride a bike, or scooter, like they were, zipping round, and couldn't run without falling over. It made me even more determined to find him a bike or something he could use to 'go fast' safely! I know he is very lucky in that he can walk, but i like every mum and dad I am sure, I want him to have every opportunity in life. (And his brother of course!)
I have friends but i dont know anyone else with CP or that i can ask... I would really appreciate any help or suggestions or things that may have worked for your child or success stories... also, does anyone know, he wears Pedro boots but they have said he may need splints... does this mean his walking will get worse? Anyone been through this?
Thanks, in anticipation



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