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Epilepsy and cp

Nuala Watt
Nuala Watt Community member Posts: 30 Listener
Hey - I was diagnosed with epilepsy last week. I also have spastic diplegia and a visual impairment. I'm a bit shellshocked. It turns out I've had complex partial seizures all my life - but I didn't know they were epilepsy. I thought they were just a quirk. Recently I've started having grands male - lose consciousness, pull muscles, etc, so I have just started medication. This is my third day. Apparently epilepsy and cp are quite common together. Does anyone else have these two? I suppose once the medication starts working the fits become a non-issue? I hope this happens. Also I am slightly concerned about the medication as I'm doing a PhD and I need to be alert. Bit of a shock, only used to cp, and I know the doctors have to tell you you could die, but I kind of wish they wouldn't. I got the idea the first time. CP feels quite familiar and part of me but epilepsy has kind of knocked me for six temporarily. Does anyone else manage it on medication and how does it work alongside cup? Any thoughts would be good. Thanks. Nuala


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