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3 year old needs burbing every hour during the night - HELP

Sinski Member Posts: 16 Listener
edited September 2014 in Children, parents, and families
Hi. My little boy has quad CP. Quite severe. He has fluids through a mickey, food orally. He has a really bad time at night. Every hour on average, he arches until I pick him up and burb him. Ive tried putting him at angle when he lies done, we have done the usual reflux drugs, but nothing seems to help. Its killing me due to sleep deprivation and I hate seeing him uncomfortable. He can wake up in the morning and burb like he has just eaten. Has anyone else got this problem? The health care professionals just don't seem to address it or have no solutions.


  • joden
    joden Member Posts: 12

    My 8 year old son has severe cp and he suffered with this when younger. We used to let the air out of his belly through the mickey extension tube into syringe, have you tried this?

    josie x
  • Sinski
    Sinski Member Posts: 16 Listener
    Hi Josie. Yes I have tried this but it hasn't made much difference. More often than not, not much air comes out. How long did you used to leave the mickey venting for? I normally have to pull the air with a syringe. Is your son sleeping better now? The lack of sleep is no good for either of us.
  • renacahill
    renacahill Member Posts: 145
    I suppose you have tried simple stuff like gripe water and infacol?

    It could be that even though he eats orally his mouth control is not controlled enough and he swallows a lot of air with his food. I've no experience personally but I've heard you can vent the mickey and there may be something that allows permanent venting? It may be worth contacting the manufacturers of the mickey to ask.

    We feed blended food down the tube as my grandson is such a poor oral eater. Maybe consider doing this as the last meal of the day so that the air swallowing doesnt occur?? It would be last resort though as you want to encourage oral feeding, but sleep is a must with a SN child! Can you move his position frequently during the day to release the trapped wind? If it doesnt have a chance to build up it may not be so bad. Alternately look at foods that are easier to digest as his last meal. Purees yoghurts etc.
  • joden
    joden Member Posts: 12

    My little boy didnt sleep very well until he was 3 and half really. He went on melatonin from early on but didnt make much difference but then he changed to slow release melatoniin and this helped alot also when he started school his sleep improved alot due to being busy all day.

    He is now 8 and sleeps from 7 30pm until 5am but we still have to see to him in night if he starts coughing or needs turning so maybe once a night.

    josie xx


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