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Walking Post Pregnancy with mild CP

SianFrySianFry Member Posts: 2
edited May 2014 in Disabled people

I have mild spastic cerebral palsy that effects my left hand side. I gave birth a year ago but have realised recently how effected my walking has become post-partum.

I had to use crutches during most of the pregnancy due to bad pelvic girdle pain but assumed that my walking had mostly returned to how it was.

I saw a video of myself the other day and realised that assumption was wrong indeed! My gait has deteriorated and I am really unsure as to where and how I can get back to how it once was. Or at least make at start. I am really keen to get back to fit (ish ;)).

Is there anybody here that has had similar experience on how to recover walking style since having a baby? Anything would be useful as with having only mild cerebral palsy I receive limited/no support from NHS which I have to really fight for.




    I had similar pain during second pregnancy. Is your deteriorating gait not due to fatigue and age. I also gained a bit of weight after each pregnancy! I didn't realise my gait would deteriorate after age.
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