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Retching - reflux or saliva

MazB Member Posts: 9

Just wondered if anyone else's LO has had problems with retching.

My LO has has reflux problems since birth, she had a gastronomy and fundoplication just before she was 2 and did really well for ages, then she just started retching again. We eventually found out she had a hiatus hernia which was repaired this year and her fundoplication had to be redone at the same time as it needed to be undone to repair the hernia. Anyway she was doing really well for a month or 2 but has now started retching again, it's mainly during the early morning hours in bed and then when she is sat up having her breakfast feed. She is totally tube fed and has a large proportion of her feed overnight.

She has also started salivating a lot. So I'm not sure if the retching is due to her not being able to swallow her saliva now.

Would be good to hear from anyone who has had similar experiences.



  • renacahill
    renacahill Member Posts: 145
    I am sure you will be taking her back to be checked over if she is unable to swallow very much especially her saliva. The swallowing problem my be simply something like enlarged tonsils but it all needs checking out.

    We found blended diet (real food blended and tube fed) has worked wonders with my grandson. He didnt have the fundo and can still vomit, but it has eased a huge amount and he is fit and well and gaining weight.

    there is a facebook page, blended diet Uk which I would check out for some good advice.


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