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Changing secondary schools

rachaelneall Member Posts: 6
edited September 2014 in Education
Has anyone here had experience of changing secondary schools because the one you chose hasnt worked out? My daughter has decided in year 9 that she no longer wants to attend her school. I wanted to move her in year 7 but she was happy then. They have let us down on a number of issues. Any input would be gratefully received ..


  • fizzypop
    fizzypop Member Posts: 2
    i am in similar sort of situation my daughter wants to move school in year 9. she had lots of problems there. She is in mainstream however statemented and learning is a big issue her grades are still at year 2 level and according to school her learning is plateauted. She is unhappy mainly because she is called by different names at school which my daughter thinks as bullying. however the teacher says that other children are also immature like her therefore there is not much they can do.
    In year 8 i encouraged her to walk down to the library which is next to school from where i pick but now colleage boys tease her and block her way so we had to stop that.
    I m so much stressed as what to do moving at this stage is good or bad dont know!!
    Moreover the school we want to move are not welcoming either. Hoping for a miracle to sttle things.


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