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Project on life with a child with a disability

samuel15samuel15 Member Posts: 2
Hi I am student at DSLV school in Northamptonshire. I am doing a project on disability and I would like to know what its life like having a child with a disability and how the support you get. the other thing that I want to look at is the equipment you get and what further help they would need in school.
thanks for you help.


  • forgoodnesssakeforgoodnesssake Member Posts: 368 Pioneering
    What is DSLV school?
    Because you are at school I guess you are not that old, so maybe you don't quite realise what huge question you are asking.
    What sort of disability are you doing a project on? cos it's a massive area covering everything from learning disabilities such Down's syndrome to developmental and social/communication disabilities such as autism. And then a vast range of physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy (which in itself can affect people in widely differing ways...right from mildly in one leg or arm to quadriplegic, visually impaired, no speech and hearing impaired). Becuase you ask about equipment I assume you are thinking more about physical issues...but you need to be more specific really!
    I am not saying this to be awkward but to show you that it might be easier and more productive for you to be a lot more specific about the type of disability you want info about... and even then you may find that you don't get many replies because in general people come on here to find out about things relating to their own or their child's disability...not really to be a research base for the many students who come on just to ask questions. Again, I'm not trying to be deliberately awkard but to try and steer you towards maybe getting some better data for your study.
  • samuel15samuel15 Member Posts: 2
    Hi, Thank you for your response. We are looking at getting better facilities within our school for people with physical disabilities as we feel they don't currently meet the needs of students.
    I asked for peoples responses as I feel this may give a better insight into peoples different needs and what schools may be lacking.
    Any help or insight would be appreciated.
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