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Relocation for adaptations to house. Info required.

ade1173 Member Posts: 8
Hi, was just wondering if anyone has had experience with relocation due to needing adaptations to your house? Situation we have is that we have twin 3 year olds with CP, epilepsy & delayed development & OT have become involved in order to provide adaptations to the house. We had a call today saying that with the house we currently are in there is no way they could do the work they need within budget so have suggested we move with a relocation grant. They weren't particularly informative, just asked us to look around to get an idea of prices & they would call again Tuesday to see if we were willing to move.
I'm trying to see if anyone has any info on the process. Obviously cost & mortgages spring to mind but as the call was a bit vague can anyone shed any light on how this works?
Thanks, Ade


  • Louise Edwards
    Louise Edwards Member Posts: 1
    I am currently in similar position as we're tryin to move due to my youngest needing a downstairs toilet/wetroom but we r housing association and have been online bidding list now for 3 yrs with no hope of ever moving we have so much disturbance were we r living now, smashed windows, noise pollution from playing ball against side of the house, my dog was attacked and they split the side of his eye open the list goes on! All this is on our move application but still nothin, when we actually got lucky with 1 property and were offered it they then with drew the offer as we had £76 rent areas n couldn't pay that off there and then on the phone, I was gutted!! I'm unaware of any help I can get to move etc our OT has written a supporting letter for us and any property we bid on has tough through her first b4 we r even offered it but other than that n few other references off my son's medical professionals, Im not sure what help we can get? If anyone can help plz I would so appreciate it! Myself n my partner r depressed and he has dangerously high blood pressure too due to the stress of living here.
  • Debbie_Alumni
    Debbie_Alumni Member Posts: 932 Pioneering
    Hi Louise,

    It sounds as though all the right people are involved with your case. Your housing association accepts that you need to be rehoused but the difficulty is, there just aren't enough properties to go around. If you're looking for properties with adaptations or a property that is suitable for adaptations, this can mean an even longer wait. There really isn't much more that you can do to speed things up, it's a case of waiting for a suitable property to become available and this can take a long time particularly in areas of high housing demand.

    We have heard from disabled people who have been waiting in excess of 10 years to be housed by their local council. I hope your family doesn't have to wait this long but in the meantime are you trying things like looking for a mutual exchange? This can be a quicker way of moving. You'll need to have a clear rent account as this is going to hinder any future property offers. You could try speaking to the housing experts Shelter to see if they can offer any assistance or ideas.

    I wish you all the best and if you want to talk some more about this, feel free to get in touch with me at the helpline.

    Best wishes


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