Autism and Aspergers
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Age appropriate presents

StevePikeStevePike Member Posts: 2
edited June 2014 in Autism and Aspergers
My younger brother who is 15 has profound learning disabilities. My mother wants me to give him age appropriate presents, I think he gets much more pleasure out of baby toys. I'd very much like to know what other people think about this and would also appreciate any gift ideas.


  • WillowWillow Member Posts: 18
    edited June 2014
    My view is that it has to be person appropriate. Ideally, you want to bear in mind chronological age but without denying activities and experiences at the appropriate level. Maybe adapt what he likes if he likes rattles then bells on a stick instrument, if he likes squidgy baby books stuff a washing net with squidgy material. My godson loves his digital photo frame with family pictures on.
  • WillowWillow Member Posts: 18
    edited June 2014
    Or finances permitting an i-pod, or i-phone or i-pad. There are great apps to download. Or money towards a more expensive gift eg bubble tube or interactive white board.
  • poppy9poppy9 Member Posts: 1
    'Inclusive Technology' or Google 'Sensory toys' will bring up a range of possible gifts though sometimes pricey. I want one of those .com also has squigy balls etc sometimes. Age appropriate is a must in my opinion, although within home sometimes a favourite toy for years is ok. Maybe get family to invest in a suitable switch for your brother to work simple press/ picture change computer programs. This can be the start of access to computers and simple photo change programs operated by pushing the switch can be maybe made by you perhaps using photos of his favourite things or your family using Microsoft Powerpoint with switch press being trigger to change to next photo. Ask how he accesses computers at school? No cost to you perhaps but just a little of your time.
  • msderminamsdermina Member Posts: 2
    My daughter has severe learning difficaulties as well as being blind. She is only at the stage of a 6-12 month old and loves baby toys. We brought her an ipodnano ( she now has three) she loves music and it saves putting cassettes or cds on that run out of time.You can set up playlist for them either night time relaxation or bouncing music. We also brough an ibuddy which is a soft toy that will play the ipod as speackers rather than having earphones. She has a piggy and a dog soft toy but they do come in more grown up styles.
  • mazzymmazzym Member Posts: 12 Listener
    I often think about age appropriate presents for my 16 year old son, but he really loves his baby toys and anything musical that lights up.
    How many 15/16 year olds do you know that play with toys still, not many, unless it is summer fun stuff like go-karts, kites, scooters, frisbees, etc.
    I am with Willow, better to be person appropriate.

    Try this site for ideas:

    Maybe show your mum and see if there is anything that she would be happy for you to buy?
    Otherwise it is easier to buy age appropriate clothing, or just give him a gift voucher and let your mum do the choosing............
  • mazzymmazzym Member Posts: 12 Listener
    or maybe a CD if he likes music? or an audio book?
  • WillowWillow Member Posts: 18
    How about an aromatherapy or reflexology voucher?
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