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Christmas and Birthday Clash

Heather Member Posts: 168 Connected
Hi. My son hates Christmas! But to top it al,l it's his birthday 3 days before. We tried celebrating his birthday in July, but that really confused him (now 10yrs old) But we can't think how to explain when people give him a birthday present, it's ok to open that, but not the Xmas ones! He proceeds to open every parcel he sees, whether his, or not. It upsets him and he gets frustrated at yes to one present, no to another. Any ideas? We tried hiding all Xmas till the day. But there's always someone who slips him a present with his birthday ones, or he see's his sister get, or give a present and the tantrums flare up again. School are at a lose how to tackle the issue. Not fair to cancel Christmas presents for siblings! And we would still like to do something special to mark his birthday.


  • Emma
    Emma Member Posts: 85 Connected
    Several great suggestion on our facebook page:
    How about this one for eg ...try putting a big birthday sticker on the ones he's allowed to open or the other way around and putting Christmas stickers on the ones he's not. You could make putting Christmas presents under the tree (or wherever you keep them 'til Christmas day) into an event and make a big deal every time he gets one for the tree.
  • Teresa
    Teresa Member Posts: 24
    Could you colour code the wrapping paper? You have probably thought of that already. Or maybe have separate Christmas sacks to hold presents for each child? Maybe allow him to open any Christmas presents that are given with his birthday ones at the time. Perhaps you could ensure that when his sister has a gift he also has something to open, by keeping a few birthday gifts in reserve. Hope you all enjoy his double celebration, though!
  • Heather
    Heather Member Posts: 168 Connected
    As usual I've wrapped Xmas and Birthday presents in different papers and put them out of sight. All he wants for Christmas is one toy train. Anything else comes as over load! For his sake I wish I could give him just one present, but that seems sooooooooo mean and when he would see his sister getting extra, I suspect he'd scream. He enjoys the unwrapping.....not the contents! New items are not appreciated!
  • Heather
    Heather Member Posts: 168 Connected
    Got to laugh.....we got all ready for the stress and our son brought a new twist to the equation. He's refused to open any presents. They are sitting ready for him, but he has chosen to ignore them. So we are enjoying the peace! Lol


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