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Any ideas as to how we can encourage my 14 year old son with DS, autism and a severe learning difficulty with low cognitive ability to keep his trousers and pants on in public, he also likes to wee outside - anywhere, which is becoming a problem at school and respite? He seems to like the cool air around his nether regions which makes it difficult to find a reinforcer/reward that works.


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    my 15 year old has had phases but mostly at home - we have worked on public/private places as well as school - to try and say it is ok in privacy of bedroom or bathroom but not outside and in public areas or in lounge.

    do you get chance to sit down with school and respite people? eg at a LAC review? to come up with consistent strategies? for school/home/respite?

    what is his communication level? eg pictures, symbols text? can you write social stories with pictures to show yes and no where you can and cant do this? does he understand yes and no?

    maybe a clear "negative" and distraction response ?

    boxer shorts and loose trousers ?

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    I use these all in one vests as my 14yr old will smear or just pick at his bum, these have prevented wandering hands. They also keep his nappy/pull up in place really well. They may help with your situation too?
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    I use a real photograph of my son with clothes on and display the photo on the door of each room in the house that he must wear clothes, maybe a real photograph of your son with his clothes on outside and a simbol or something to accompany this , like a reward of something he really likes if he keeps his clothes on
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    He may be tactile sensitive, and find the labels on his clothes uncomfortable. He may also enjoy marking his territory because the smell reassures him. But most of all in his is possibly the reaction he gets from you and others. He is demonstrating control of his environment, and this might be the one way he has found. The challenge is in finding other ways he can have control that motivate him and are also appropriate. Work with the behaviour if possible.