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Drinking from a bottle at night

hugo_monkey Member Posts: 2
My son is 4, with ASD and still drinks milk from a bottle at night. Over the last few months we have managed to cut down the amount (& no more extra ones during night) and have cut out a morning one. Our OT suggested the cutting down and phasing out but he just wont go to bed without it. We have tried putting milk in other drinking equipment but he won't tolerate this. Any ideas of what to do or do other people's children still drink from a bottle. Getting pressure from OT and we really are trying our best!


  • Heather
    Heather Member Posts: 168 Connected
    Don't be pressurized. When your son is good and ready he will drop the bottle. It's a comfort, that's all. Our son has alot of sensory issues and he had to have specific teats, which he eventually chewed through. He was 6 when he stopped and to be honest we didn't worry about it. The head butting walls and vomiting if we altered his bedtime was enough! Even now at 11 our son can't manage a cup. He uses a sports bottle. Good luck


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