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kathryn Member Posts: 8 Listener
edited June 2014 in Education
I am new to this.
I know that Sppech therapy is hard to come by, BUT.
We have an SLT who has written a report on my daughter that is incorrect, being polite.
The LEA are trying to remove SLT from her statement and are using the SLT to do it.
How can I fight the "professionals"(who know best ha,ha),
Does anyone have any suggestion?


  • Heather
    Heather Member Posts: 168 Connected
    Tough battle Kathryn. Have you got anymore consultants onboard, consultants, phycologists? Even OT if the issues around speech are to do with muscle control. Have you asked the experts on the Netbuddy forums? Good luck
  • kathryn
    kathryn Member Posts: 8 Listener

    She does 2days in special and 2 in a mainstream primary. The primary are going to write a report to say it is rubbish and she has a therpist, who will hopefully do the same thing.
    They are saying (in political terms) that she is too stupid and not capable of speech therapy. We have been waiting for OT input, since she started the special school in October.
    She can talk but needs to slow down. the therapist has said that if hse does not understand concepts e.g. God and death, she can't have SLT.
  • Heather
    Heather Member Posts: 168 Connected
    Sounds like LEA are putting up barriers to prevent costs as the reasoning sounds mad. I've fought for SLT for my son repeatedly and some have said...he can't speak, therefore there's nothing we can do! The best SLT teacher I ever met is based in Medway and is American. She works privately now and comes without the english brickwall barriers. Get the right professional and I bet your daughter would come on in leaps and bounds. Just got to sift through alot before you find the right one. Keep going!!!!! It will be worth it.
  • LondonSpeechTherapy
    LondonSpeechTherapy Member Posts: 60
    Hi Kathryn , I hope you don't mind me butting in but I have a few questions. 1) Can you clarify whether you have one or two SLTs as it sounds like you have one at the special school and one at the mainstream school? 2) With the report that you are 'questionning' were there any formal language assessments used? Formal language assessments (such as the TROG, CELF-4, BPVS etc) allow us to view your daughter in comparison with her typically developing peers by providing us with a Percentile Rank (how she compares with a group of 100 peers of the same age range) and an Age Equivalent (what the equivalent age is for the score she obtains). 3) Has your daughter been recently assessed by a Cognitive or Educational Psychologist and if so does she have a cognitive profile? A cognitive profile (IQ scores etc) plus a communication profile allow us to see whether a child's language is inline with their learning; based on the understanding that thought powers language (the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis - sorry I'm a geek!). 4) What is your duaghter's current SLT provision on Part 3 of her statement? 5) How does your daughter's communication impairment impact on her ability to i) access the national curriculum and ii) build and maintain quality social relationships (i.e. what is her Quality of Life like?). Apologies for so many questions. Chris W, London Speech Therapy
  • Wildeearth
    Wildeearth Member Posts: 5
    Well I did it myself first picture communication and also dvd's when playing set arranged so words were placed at bottom of screen under deaf mode so he was always getting the words in his sight when watching a show then a game with treats as a reward even if it was just a look in the right direction then helped he used my hand and then came the ipod and have never looked back 10 mins each night as had to slowly introduce to him and it was like a switch went on down loaded proloquo2go but now there is just a program on android a yes or no button you go for it never let anyone limit your child they did with us and we proved them wrong and now he is the one telling professor of opthromolgy and nurologists what he uses to stop his sezures and what is best for all his medical conditions.
    The littlest things can grow into the biggest things
    Typed really quick sorry if there are any mistakes
  • kathryn
    kathryn Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Hi, all
    Her staement says:
    I hour direct SLT per week and a programme to be used in class. This was put in, in July.
    She has had no SLT before or since.
    We are fighting with local gov ombudsman to get back what she has missed so far. What the lea are trying to do, is to remove it from her statement.
    She does two days in special and two days in mainstream. The SLT from special and a Lea slt did an assessment of her at mainstream.
    The special SLT did a report stateing she can't do anything.
    the report from the mainstream assessment has dissapered/never exsisted.
    I have given lots of examples of what she can say, do, understand but the Special SLt has refused to chage her report. We were no even informed that she was going to do an assessment until it was done, without inoput from other professionals.
    P is 12years old and possibly about 5 in her abilities. She can talk but has difficulty saying what she wants to say. It always comes out too quickly.
    i hope this answers some questions
  • kathryn
    kathryn Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Hi, again.
    The only assessment i i am aware of is. The SLT observinf P in her clssromm at special school and both SLt observinf her at mainstream.
    She gets frustrated because she knows what she wants to say but we can't inderstand her, some of the time.
  • Fran
    Fran Member Posts: 1
    Who can understand god and death concepts anyway as an adult let alone when you're a child. What a numpty. A call or a look at IPSEA website may be the way to go. Have the LEA given you Statutory Notice to remove the SLT element from the Statement? If so, then def contact IPSEA. FWIW the SLT is a complete numpty for saying that, but I don't have to tell you that. I wish I could say i'm surprised but I'm not..... I took my LEA to SENDIST re: SLT but they backed down, we now have an excellent SLT who is employed by the LEA and not the NHS. Until authorities start to realise this is the way to go this problem will continue...

    Chris not being funny but your'e talking to lay parents here and your message is a bit confusing even with the explanations.......!
  • Natasha Brown
    Natasha Brown Member Posts: 108 Courageous
    "the therapist has said that if hse does not understand concepts e.g. God and death, she can't have SLT"

    do you have that in writing kathryn? is that in a report? specifiacally about god and death?
    it is slightly nuts...

    if she has trouble getting words out etc then specific SLT seems highly appropriate.

  • Hatangle
    Hatangle Member Posts: 2
    I am having a very similar problem, was told by slt my daughter was not capable of learning, so we taught her objects of reference, she learnt over 30, we then asked slt to teach her and us makaton, was told she is not capable of learning it, she now understands and can sign over 70 signs, it is amazing what we have taught ourselves and her, then asked slt to teach her to use Pec's, was told she can not possibly learn that, we paid to go on a course ourselves, she has picked it up, now trying the my choice app on IPad, again she is picking this up, still the slt will not see her or reassess her and her only comment is she is not capable !!! So frustrating, we can only teach her so much and are at a point where we don't know how to move her forward with her communication such as making/signing sentences, how to teach her to read ??? She is 5 in a special school but communication is not their speciality, any one got ideas greatly received, thanks
  • Hatangle
    Hatangle Member Posts: 2
    Forgot to say she has no speech, she is believed to have worsted drought syndrome, but got different doctors arguing over this!
  • Emma
    Emma Member Posts: 85 Connected
    Hatangle - please do have a nosey at our Speech and Language 'Ask an Expert' forum. Sure our expert SALT, Chris, will have some wise words for you
  • Cely56
    Cely56 Member Posts: 1
    Hatangle - My daughter had Down's, was very short-sighted and partially deaf. She signed from about 15-18 months and her special school taught her to read using makaton symbols (it's not just a signed language) and then gradually changed over to english. When she died aged 14 she was reading level 4-5 on the oxford reading tree, writing independently and a whizz on the PC. Anything is possible if you put in the work and use the right method.


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