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Is working part time a better option?

Daveyboydanger Member Posts: 1
I'm Dave, dad to 3 kids (6,4&1). My eldest has downs syndrome, ASD and nystagmus. Life is hectic and me and my wife often feel we're barely surviving. Want our family to thrive more but need more time and so have been considering part time work. Less money but more happy?


  • NeilH
    NeilH Member Posts: 1
    Dave, If you can do that and pay the bills then great - most can't. Any option of flexibility from your employer ? You do have rights and depending on your job working from home one or 2 days a week may be an option. It was a bit outlandish at my place a few years ago but commonplace now. Depending on your travel time you can save many accumulated hours and pennies doing this which improves work/life balance for everyone - especially thoseof us with additional home requirements.
  • Nick
    Nick Member Posts: 1
    Hi there, my situation is a little different in that I've always worked for myself, although not necessarily at home. However I am now the work at home primary carer as my wife works full time. My son, who has Down Syndrome, is now 15 and at mainstream secondary. However he is not travelling independently and I do a lot of the driving around. The focus of my work has shifted as well and I'm a lot more involved with disability projects.
    As Dave suggests - I think the main thing to focus on is the flexibility. There will always be changes to your children's needs and having the flexibility to accomodate those fluctuations can help immensely.
    As to the less money but more happy - only you can decide. The thing is that they're not this age for ever and the time you could spend with them now is something difficult to put a price on!
  • Alistair
    Alistair Member Posts: 102 Listener
    Hi all, it's great to hear stories from other dads out there. I've got nothing to contribute to this at the moment since I lost my job just before Christmas due to the time I had to take off to care for my daughter and clear up and repair things after some 'behaviors'.
    Wish I could think of a way of working from home otherwise I might not have a home!


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