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Winter flues here

Wildeearth Member Posts: 5
ok question with little ones eg grand children and having a disabled child that has respritory issues complexed when dealing with extended family members in regards to winter flues n viruses having grand children over we have been getting all the preschool viruses and every winter we are in lockdown no public places and now we take care on and off with the other grandparent we are all getting the preschool viruses as you can imagine will it just be as blunt as sorry no sleepovers during winter months and no drop offs when sick ill or sore throut but they do anyway love of a grandchild but need to keep my household well. :0) and this flue season is a night mare


  • toast
    toast Member Posts: 46 Listener
    personally - I wouldn't do that. I'm of the mindset that however vulnerable health-wise - you cannot wrap them in a bubble. Unless you all stop in/ don't go to work / school / shops / appts / refuse carers etc then its somewhat arbitary to stop the kids going to grandparents house. Plus tbh - I'd be really glad of that break and helping hand

    It is a nightmare tho I agree. My daughter rarely does a simple cold - pretty much guaranteed pneumonia from it. Its a worry - but other than trying really hard with hand hygiene - washing, alcohol gelling etc, I accept there isn't much else we can do. Other than keeping away from folk with obvious, streaming cold and just saying to folk to let us know if they are offish and stay away
  • Wildeearth
    Wildeearth Member Posts: 5
    Yeah it is hard but my grandson is dropped of sick all the time and yes John had seizures last week as temps went over 40 so it is just hard when they say yes is well but really their not or just don't think about it and come over anyway I really just find it easier to hybinate over winter and socialize the rest of the year. We Homeschool so it is quite easy to isolate away from :) but now my grandson is 3 it is hard when he is at preschool n comes to my house Ill as we look after him on and off as his parents arn't around. In the last year we have had whopping cough and every virus going around the preschools I love my grandson but may have to be stricter with the other side of the family when dropping him off.


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