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Mandy2 Member Posts: 4
We want to buy on-ear headphones for a learning disabled child to listen to music on an ipod. He is good at pulling things to pieces so, although we will try to supervise their use, we'd like recommendations on comfortable but durable headphones please.


  • Lo2141
    Lo2141 Member Posts: 2
    Mandy, I got headphones from local poundland!
    They have plastic bits that hook around the ear. Tried them as others kept falling out. You can hook over the ear without putting the little bit in the ear and would still here the music.I know you said on ear ones, but thought worth a try, as only £1.
  • Mandy2
    Mandy2 Member Posts: 4
    Thank you very much for your help, and sorry not to have posted before. During the summer he enjoyed wearing silent disco king headphones so we are currently trying those. I'll remember Poundland if we need an alternative.
  • Sarawith4
    Sarawith4 Member Posts: 2
    We have tried loads of different earphones to no avail. The expensive unbreakable ones got broke we no are using the asda £1 pairs. Though if anyone knows of really strong ones I would be interested as we are still going through at least 3 pairs per week.


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