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attachment for swifty pushchair

kez17 Member Posts: 5
hi all, i hope someone can help! ive got a 3 and a half yr old boy who is unable to walk and weve jst bought a swifty pushchair which is fantastic. i also have a 15month old. i bought the 'buggypod' which attaches onto the side of the pushchair, i felt that it wasnt very stable and felt quite nervous when i road tested it up and down my road. it also made the whole pushchair too wide to fit thro the door. i was wondering if anyonehas found a soloution or a 'buggypod' that fits onto the back of pushchair? any help would be appreciated as im feeling stuck in the house when noone else is about!! thankyou!


  • toast
    toast Member Posts: 46 Listener
    my friend used the buggypod on the side of a wheelchair. If on correctly it was stable - but yes it did make the chair wide.

    Only other cheap options I could suggest is wearing a hip baby carrier - possibly with a hippychick support and/or using a buggyboard fitted at the back which yr 15mo would stand on. Use reins with it. 15 months is rather young for this tho - if you could do that in combination with hip carrier it could work

    Other than that you could try and get funding for SN tandem buggy - the Tom Cross Tandem looks good

    I managed with the Phil n Teds when in your position. My SN older child was v small tho. I think as standard they do up to 4 yrs. You could prob pick one up cheaply second hand on ebay
  • kez17
    kez17 Member Posts: 5
    me and my husband are both tall. my sn son is in 4-5 clothes,(we tried him in a phil n teds but hes too tall for it) my 15month old is in 2-3 clothes.(and quite heavy lol) she is also a bottom shuffler and has only jst started cruising. the buggy board would be ideal in a few months. thankyou for your help thou


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