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I Have A Brother:-

Heather Member Posts: 168 Connected
The following was written by my teenage daughter about her brother....hope you like!

I have a brother
As sweet as can be
If only he could talk to me.

He's not naughty
But autistic I say again and again.
But they just think it's an excuse
And continue to shout abuse.

I have a brother
I hug him every night
The noises and dark give him a fright.

He's too loud
Excited as he runs and flaps
The TV remote stuck firmly in his hand
Rewind, fast forward, it does my head in
I'm sinking in my own quick sand.

I have a brother
He smiles and kisses my hair
I know he has feelings
And shows me he cares

If you meet my brother
Say hello and give him a wave
You never know one day,
You might have someone special-
Don't hide your love away.


  • Alistair
    Alistair Member Posts: 102 Listener
    That is beautiful. How old is she and is she a member of a young carers group?
    I was wondering how your son (and her brother) was getting on at his new school.
  • Heather
    Heather Member Posts: 168 Connected
    Hi. Our daughter is now 15....14 when she wrote this. She did go to a sibling club for many years, bit her own health issues stopped her going-arthritis! As for new school.....we are still awaiting a start date! I've started legal proceedings now as 9 months out of school with no support is disgusting. Not that he will ever be academic, but he needs social contact and skills. Feedback so far has been, LEA are in trouble! How are you?
  • JoB
    JoB Member Posts: 1
    what a beautiful sister. you must be so proud of your 2 wonderful children. i wish you luck for your childs schooling. i home tutored last yr as we were let down badly. it was hard but so worth it. my son started his new school 3.9.12. small steps but so far it's mainly possitive. hang in there. xx
  • Heather
    Heather Member Posts: 168 Connected
    Thank you Jo. I have to say having my son home 24/7 is hard work, but his health, happiness and safety have improved beyond words. Education is a "sideline" but the progress he has made is wonderful. Since being home. When he eventually does go back to school I know it will take weeks/months to re-settle. But my sanity needs a life back! Fingers crossed not much longer.


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