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JimJams Member Posts: 174 Connected
I have screwed white boards on to the walls of my house in several areas, with pecs symbols etc and whiteboard pens to help my son to communicate and understand language better, his school are saying he is still struggling very much with understanding what is being said to him and communicating his own feeling, has anyone tried using visual timetables all day everyday for tasks, will this help his understanding of the world and help him to retain information, the school are also saying he is not retaining information.


  • GinaS
    GinaS Member Posts: 35 Connected
    hi Marie and happy New Year!

    I always introduce visual timetables when working with people, regardless the level of disability or age. I'm wondering if it's helpful to have something portable as well, for example a "now-next" board/plan. I believe that you can promote his choice making using the timetable and encourage him to participate in tasks.

    Overall, how do you find the use of timetable? Does he respond well? To be honest, I haven't worked with many people using timetables all day everyday, usually we introduce them as part of the morning routine and then we might use them to remind people what they're doing and keep them on track.

    Has the school also tried the use of pictures to support his understanding?


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