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General anaesthetic

socksoffsocksoff Member Posts: 32
My 10 year old autistic son has to have a general anaesthetic to remove 4 baby teeth which won't come out - he has a second row of bottom teeth like a shark! Am worried about the anaesthetic as he had one when he was two years old and when he came round he was thrashing and kicking and clearly disorientated. Also don't know how he'll stay still for the injection - had to sit on him for the dentist to even glimpse inside his mouth. We do use social stories with him which really help but has anyone else had to go through this and can offer any tips? Really appreciate advice! Thanks


  • AlistairAlistair Member Posts: 104
    Oh yes, I've had experience of this and have got to support my daughter through it again this Wednesday (she needs an MRI scan and wouldn't cope without a GA). I have real problems even getting my daughter into the hospital (or Dentist, Doctor etc). This time have asked for support from her school and they are going to help me get her to hospital. I will talk to the ward manager and try and take a step back - she seems to respond better to the gentle encouragement of the nurses without me being around. I think that it is really important to be there when he comes round. I am going to get a sticker book for my daughter , she loves them and are something that she can achieve success with. Could you find some activity for your son?
    Good Luck
  • socksoffsocksoff Member Posts: 32
    edited June 2014
    Thanks Alistair - that's helpful - not least to know that other people struggle with this too. Stickers don't do it for my son but I'll think of some things to distract etc. That's a good point at stepping back as I get a bit anxious myself which doesn't help! Really appreciate your post and hope you get on OK tomorrow!
  • HeatherHeather Member Posts: 171 Listener
    Good luck to all of you. It's stressful and heart breaking to see our children frightened when all we are trying to so is help them. I've been through it twice with my son and I won't comment on how I felt. But talking and explaining to the staff, even a mild sedative before hand should help the little ones cope a bit better. Thinking of you! x
  • AlistairAlistair Member Posts: 104
    Hi All, we made it!
    It was a long and stressful day but a lovely TA from school stayed with us and without her support I'm not sure my daughter would have even gone into the hospital. Anyway she's fine now and has gone off to school a very happy girl. Good Luck socksoff. The anesthetist gave her a sedative (liquid medicine) about half and hour before we went down which really helped reduce her anxiety. So maybe you could ask for that for your son.
  • socksoffsocksoff Member Posts: 32
    Thanks for letting me know how it went and about the sedative. Will definitely talk to school when the appointment comes through as he has some favourite TAs! Glad all went OK
  • socksoffsocksoff Member Posts: 32
    Thought I would update as it mostly went OK. Using a social story to explain that he wouldn't have lunch on that day and then we would play with ipad at hospital etc really worked and he was good as gold. We did ask for a pre-med as I knew they wouldn't be able to inject in the back of his hand without restraint - it worked like a dream and was just as well in that they had had several attempts in both hands to get into the veins. After the anaesthetic was a bit more tricky as he screamed for about an hour - partly coming round I think but also he didn't quite understand that he had been asleep and that was in the story so he kept wanting us to leave so that he could have his sleep! Anyway, four baby teeth extracted with roots twice as long as the teeth themselves!! They would never have come out on their own and he bounced back the next day and recovered really quickly. Thanks for tips
  • AlistairAlistair Member Posts: 104
    Well done socksoff, thanks for letting us know how you got on. I'm glad your boy is free from those pesky teeth now!
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