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Work and caring balance

JimJams Member Posts: 174 Connected
Working full time and also carer , any reminders on how to not burn out?


  • Mixxi
    Mixxi Member Posts: 29
    Ooo good question JimJams. Here is my 2p worth....
    Firstly, it helps a lot if you have a good relationship with your employer - and if they appreciate your caring situation. Investigate the possibilities of home working and or flexible working and have some good, frank discussions about how that would work out in practice. When having those discussions always work from the point of view of "what is best for the business" - recruiting and retaining staff is expensive and you are a valuble asset.
    Best not to go on and on about caring when at work (we all need a break and work is my respite) but a healthy amount of dropping topics into normal converstations is good for everyone. Most people are fairly clueless about what caring is like in a practical sense and you are a window into that world.
    Sort out what you will do on school holidays. We got my son into a mainstream playscheme with support - he loves it so much that we aren't allowed to go away in school holidays anymore! Knowing he is happy and well cared for reduces the stress considerably.
    Get pretty organised and streamlined in what you do. If you can afford it - getting a cleaner is ace. Even if they just hoover. It helps to structure your week and if nothing else your house is a tiny bit cleaner/tidier at least one day in the a week.
    Buy at least two of non-perishable items like washing up liquid so you have one in reserve and have a whiteboard in the kitchen to write up when stuff runs out. (ready made shopping list)
    Plan your meals - I know it sounds a bit weird but we normally eat the same thing on a particular night of the week - eg Thursday - curry night. It just saves a lot of waste and thinking energy.
    Finally - never neglect your "me" time. Weekly that should involve some sort of exercise. Walking with friends, pilates (that's me in an hour) ...or anything you fancy. Aside from that you need regular time to relax, keep in touch with your people or just chill.
    Oh don't forget to step back a laugh once in a while - from experience, when you loose your sense of humour it is time to call the men in white coats to take you away!
  • JimJams
    JimJams Member Posts: 174 Connected
    Great advice, just the reminders I needed, I have started to leave the house and get on with the caring side of things more, I just ignore piles of washing and ironing etc as its not that important, maybe one day I will get a cleaner, but I would need to clean first before they start , I think I lost my sense of humour for a bit the other day, was really fed up but bounced back fairly quickly. I feel like I am going to have to clone myself, i will definetely try and plan better, meals etc, thanks for your great response I really appreciate it.


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