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Repeated nose rubbing with a cold

socksoff Member Posts: 31
My 10 year old boy has another cold - not a bad one but enough to give him a runny nose. The problem is that he cannot stop rubbing his nose and mouth area and I mean 'cannot stop' - every two seconds in the night as I timed him! As a result, he looks as though he has a burnt nose and mouth area - like friction burns with top layers of skin coming off. We've tried Sudocrem, vaseline, fucidin and drapolene. Applying it lots but it gets wiped off every time - have tried egg timers and not touching for three minutes; reading stories; vigorous singing; computer; TV etc as distractors but to no avail. He literally didn't sleep last night as he was rubbing his nose all the time. Have given him Calpol and melatonin tonight but don't hold out much hope!! We are exhausted and frustrated with not being able to get it through to him - have used visuals with no touching and a sore nose too. Any ideas gratefully received from other netbuddies. Thanks


  • JimJams
    JimJams Member Posts: 174 Connected
    I asked my Gp for a sedative for my son once, he would only prescribe piriton in liquid form which I think makes you drousy but will also maybe help with the runny nose. My boy goes through similar issues when his nose is blocked, not so bad as you have described, but I understand what you are going through, I tried to get my son to blow his own nose to get rid of the congestion, which helps when he can see something come out. Good luck
  • socksoff
    socksoff Member Posts: 31
    Thanks JimJams - that's an idea. I do remember having Piriton liquid when he was younger. Anything is worth a try for some sleep!


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