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Follow Your Heart

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Hi. I've heard and seen many families going through hard times and fighting the red tape daily. But I just wanted to let everyone know how persevering will result in fantastic rewards. My son was regressing at his special needs school ,his health and well being were severely affected. We were told we had no alternative as the school on paper met his needs, but for our son's future, we decided to look at protecting him and helping him reach his full potential. We found a specialist school who focus on autism, not a school for all needs. We had to justify our sons needs and go through all the hoops and jumps necessary. But now he is settled in his new placement and the difference is unchallengable. He has a smile on his face daily, he wants to go to school and is thrilled to hear praise rather than daily chastising. We have seen his confidence bloom after merely 6 months, he is attempting to talk after 12 years and isn't afraid to try speaking to unknown adults. As a family we have reaped the rewards as we now feel relaxed that our son isn't being bullied, he hasn't had any black eyes, bruises or cuts for so long now we almost take it for granted. We have been able to again build up some sort of social activities to include our son again and we are benefiting from his settled mood and co-operation. Happy child = happy family. Having the right school has made our lives so much richer. Anyone going through the same, please remember at the end you will appreciate it was worth it!


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