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Noisy , disruptive behaviour.

DoctorDoctor Member Posts: 5
Our beautiful 28 year old autistic son has been going through a difficult period since last July! He has always been loud but now he shouts and screams and bangs continuously.We used to be able to out shopping,theatre etc but now are prisoners in our own home as his behaviour is so unpredictable. He has been on Ritalin for some time which used to help but now seems not work.
We have ruled out any medical problems and are desperate for help. We have a holiday booked in July but think we may have to cancel as I don't know if he or I will cope with the flight. Help please


  • earthlingearthling Member Posts: 1
    is there anything he responds positively to?
  • GinaSGinaS Member Posts: 79 Listener
    it does sound like you and your family go through a tough time.

    The first step is always to rule out any physical causes, especially if he has been on medication for such a long time. I assume that he had blood tests done? (I am asking that because I work with many people who avoid/have a fear of needles and is very difficult to have a blood test done).

    Then, I would explore changes in his routine/life at home and at work/college/day service. I am also wondering how he communicates? Is he able to express his emotions?

    It might good to contact your local LD health team; usually your GP and/or social worker can make a referral and a Behaviour Specialist will get involved to undertake an assessment and understand more about his behaviour.
  • macintyremacintyre Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I agree with the comments of Positive behaviour support.

    It sounds really difficult with no easy obvious answer. I would suggest that you also get a sensory assessment when you link up with the behaviour specialist.

    It would be good in your hours of spare time!!!! to get some in formation about the behaviour. It often seems random but isn't. Useful to look at what was happening in the hours before the problem. There is often a build up of small events and issues which cause the issue rather than 1 cause on its own.

    Whatever happens make sure you look after yourselves too. You need and deserve it.

    You may also want to get help from the challenging behaviour foundation helpdesk. This is a small but well connected charity run by parents and professionals. Look them up!

    Good luck and take care.
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