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How to make mum look stupid!

Heather Member Posts: 168 Connected
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This time last year we had a very sick little boy so distroyed by the education system, not eating, soiling, self harming etc that we took him out of school to fight for a specialist provision. We won! And the difference has amazed us as shown over this half term..same as last year we ventured off on holiday. Last year he refused to go out, wore ear defenders, screamed and cried constantly as so anxious. This year he cheered and counted the days till his adventure. We were told by his last school salt team our son would never talk and gradually he is developing some sounds. So when booking our son in for a theme park exit pass this week the assistant asked our son his name? I replied that he can't talk and filled in the necessary details. We collected the wristband and pass to which my son signed thank you, turned round to exit the room and shouted repeatedly all the way to the door 'squess me, squess me' excuse me, I didn't know whether to laugh, or cry. He has never spoken in public so nicely before. So now we tell people he has selected speech! What a difference a good school can make!


  • Mixxi
    Mixxi Member Posts: 29
    OO Heather, I've not signed on for a while and just thought I'd take a quick shufty at the happy stories (my favourite forum).
    So glad I did - you've just made me a good way. Hurrah for your boy!
    It is very, very true - all schools are NOT the same! What a shame we have to go through a hideous and soul-sucking process - fighting and waiting, fighting and waiting - to get the right placement.
    Reading your post made me remember that our boys are worth all the pain. Thank you!


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