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Which piece of equipment or disability aid has made the biggest difference in your life?

Noah Member Posts: 423 Pioneering
It is so great discovering things that make life that bit easier or allow you achieve something for the first time. Interested to hear what things have made the biggest difference in your life, and you would not be able to live without now!?


  • AlexW_Scope
    AlexW_Scope Scope Posts: 216 Pioneering
    edited July 2014
    For me it would be using Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software. Without that, I wouldn't have been possible for me to stay in employment.
  • Natasha Brown
    Natasha Brown Member Posts: 108 Courageous
    For my son It has been voice output communication aid ...now as an iPad running grid player . It has literally given him a voice. Ok so what he says doesn't always make sense and he is typically autistic in being very repetitive....but he can ask for things and comment and tell his carers "bye darling"!
  • Sneezy
    Sneezy Member Posts: 15 Listener
    For my child, it's dead simple- ear defenders... To have the ability to slightly "control" environments and situations that may previously have overwhelmed him -even temporarily- allows us as a family to try new scenarios that we wouldn't necessarily try before and we aren't going into situations thinking "oh no, this is going to go belly up...any.....second.......Now!!!" Run! Get him out, now!!"
  • AlexW_Scope
    AlexW_Scope Scope Posts: 216 Pioneering
    Hi, I've just written a blog about my experiences of voice recognition http://blog.scope.org.uk/2014/07/14/voice-recognition-technology-faqs/

    Hope it's of interest, Alex
  • Noah
    Noah Member Posts: 423 Pioneering
    Thanks Alex, that really great, a very informative blog that I'm sure will help others. :-)
  • milo
    milo Member Posts: 130 Pioneering
    For me, it is my powerchair. I only received it this week and already I am delighted with it. For first time in 6 months, I am able to go to shops without assistance and get to the park with the dogs.
  • James_Devlin
    James_Devlin Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Thank you for creating this thread, as a designer in this field it is so useful to know what type of products help people out the most
  • Noah
    Noah Member Posts: 423 Pioneering
    Hi James, Thanks for your post, What a fascinating field, It would be interesting to know about some of your projects. When I was last a scope's head office I picked up a post card which I unfortunately I'm unable to find at the moment. Maybe Alex can help me out here.....It said something like....."a day when all disability aids are as well designed and and socially accepted as glasses" Yes, I really believe in what you are trying to do. Not everyone wants boring, standard disability aids that have been around for years. We want some individual personality that says something about you. I await with interest, to learn more about some of your ideas and if you need someone to trial an item and write a review then please get in contact.
  • For me it would have to my environmental control system as it allows me to live independently


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