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Employment and still discrimination in the work places and can i join any forums or committes

Why is there still so much discrimination again since the austerity program of this government has come into place,As companies are using HR and Occupational Health to have you removed from your place of work. They are always looking at disabled people as a liability rather than an asset or are reluctant to take you on as they think its going to cost them time and money to there department so are reluctant to take you on if you say that you have a disability. This applies to both private and big public organisations like the NHS were in my area of staffordshire they have over the last five years being slowly getting rid of people with disabilities, As the trust treated you like a third or fourth class citizen, they would deny you the same qualifications or promotional opportunities as others because you might need some support to complete the course. They would use any excuse to make sure that you were not given the same opportunities as others and this was very common that is why the Stafford hospital is in the situation that it finds itself in.I worked there for over eight years but got sacked due to having a bout of depression with the same qualifications that I went with and that was none. This surprises me that they hold the positive about disabled people they had so many changes in management that we became very much gagged into the negativity and discrimination that ran through the whole hospital management system. I would like to make so many changes to these areas to still overcome these issues that is why I want to join committees or forums to teach the organisations about disability awareness and good employment opportunities for the future.


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