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choking and breathing problems

the_crippled_mamathe_crippled_mama Member Posts: 2
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Hey, I'm 40 year old and have has spastic CP since birth - I was diagnosed when I was 2. Lately I've been having trouble choking and breathing. I had a swallow test yesterday, and it was pretty normal. I'm seeing a neurologist on Tuesday. My GP thinks that my muscle may be weakening. Has anyone else dealt with this? Thanks.


    My husband had something similar after I suspect my son brought whooping cough home. The doctor related it to gastric reflux and has given him antacids. I usually find the GP can't see past the CP and blames that for everything. Ask to be refered. My husband had endoscopy, not pleasant but might get somewhere with a diagnosis. NSAID painkillers will make you more likely got get gastritis if you are taking them. I can't get through a day without mine!
  • RockyRocky Member Posts: 76 Listener
    It is quite common for the effects of cerebral palsy to change as you get older. I think seeing the neurologist will be helpful. Has your posture changed? It could be that if your posture has deteriorated you may be placing additional stress on your lungs and interstitial muscles which can affect your breathing. May be worth asking the neurologist what he/she thinks when you next have an appointment.
  • cilcilcilcil Member Posts: 9 Connected
    My son can't sit up in wheelchair because his breThing is very loud and he suffocates Help wat can I do
  • NoahNoah Member Posts: 430 Pioneering
    edited October 2014
    I really don't know, but it sounds serious Cilcil, I would suggest speaking to your GP or another medical professional about it, who will know what to do, maybe your son needs an assessment from an OT or wheelchair fitting specialist, or maybe there is an underlying problem that needs professional medical attention. Hope you get things sorted okay.
  • cilcilcilcil Member Posts: 9 Connected
    Hi Noah I have tried hospital chest people they said lung is clear it is upper airway or secretions they want to give suction machine don't know what else to do when it happens he sound like whoop noise then he can't breathe I have to lay him flat then coughs and it goes very frightening
  • RockyRocky Member Posts: 76 Listener
    Hi Cilcil, it must be very frightening to see your son struggle to breathe and to cough and choke. I can only strongly encourage you to keep hassling the doctors and consultants. Ask about postural care as addressing posture will help with breathing issues. Be firm with the doctors about how distressing this is for both of you and don't be afraid to ask lots of questions about what they are doing and what treatment they recommend. If you are not happy, ask for a second opinion.
  • cilcilcilcil Member Posts: 9 Connected
    Thank you Noah
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