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Lots of things so will make a list

markg Community member Posts: 1 Listener
1, I am unable to sleep in a constant pattern
2. I am losing friends because I can only get out when with someone else as support. That support only lasts in two 5 hour blocks The rest of the time I am reliant on my parents , who are now getting older. I have left university after having a lot of support , from parents and University. I loved the people thee and always will. They were part of my extended family and I am proud of just how much my parents and they have supported me. I was given support to get out and about - with a support assistant I now have a very strong bond with - we get on very well together - and - now I live back at home again - I have loved the fact that I have at last found a support assistant like this - after a long period of not having one - and hav but it is not enough - and I still feel trapped inn my house when she is not there. I feel however that all the work in advancing my life has reverted back to how it was when I was younger. I have been on various courses in order to be able to work - but I feel that I cannot do this without supported working. I have taken up some unpaid work - 3 occasions now - with a long gap between each one where I either had a bad support experience - or no support at all - and the jobs never led to anything - and just petered out. I feel that I have reached a dead end with my life as I feel like I have not been given the chance to advance in either new friendship circles - either by time restraints - much as I loved my Uni group, I am gradually losing them or in a professional capacity. I feel that , because oof my CP, and my not understanding enough of the world around me - I would struggle to cope professionally - though I would love to work, and have had some good voluntary experiences. This blocking has , I believe left me with major confidence and social issues/ I have panics with anything new in situations and have real difficulty seeing myself in a good future step - and my opoor Mum and Dad - I feel will pay the price - as I would love to be able to support them as they have supported me - but I am frightened about what to do next - or what to do as they get older. I feel frightened and alone. Has anyone ever gone through these kinds of things themselves - can u give me , a 32 year old man - any advice - I m frightened and do not know what to do!


  • ScopeHelpline
    ScopeHelpline Community member Posts: 207 Courageous
    Hi Mark
    Scope has Regional Workers who can support someone with CP in looking for work and accessing social activities to help with your confidence. If you would like to chat to a Regional Worker please contact the Helpline at helpline@scope.org.uk
    TANYAFIELDING Community member Posts: 18 Listener
    What did you study at university and therefore what work are you looking for? Has your university got a careers advice system that might be able to help. Lots of people are struggling to find work even if able bodied so if you can find more voluntary work that will give you experience and more importantly show a future employer that you can cope in the work place. Although I work full time I still have done things with my kids schools and play groups.
  • Sophie Buckley
    Sophie Buckley Community member Posts: 12 Connected
    I feel the same way, I do simple volteer work and start by work based day centre
  • MrsAmyD
    MrsAmyD Community member Posts: 4 Listener
    I kinda know the feeling. I have some fantastic friends from school but I moved to London and rarely see them. People I talk to online are brilliant people but it's not so much the same as being able to hang out with friends like I did in school. I don't really have any friends in London because I can't keep up with anyone, it sucks :( *hugs for you.* Not sure what advice I can give cause I don't know any myself but I have an ear and hugs.
  • alex_2014
    alex_2014 Community member Posts: 6 Listener
    I agree with "MrsAmyD", that I'm not sure what advice to give you, but remember that there's always someone there to hear your concerns, like us. :-)
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