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if you don't laugh you cry

milo Member Posts: 130 Pioneering
What a day, and they say it can only get better. First of all I crashed into a wall at highish speed in my manual chair when we where running for the bus and my partner thought I was steering and I assumed she had the push handles,ouch. Then after a day's shopping in Middlesbrough with my partner and 2 teenage girls....Where no one had the trousers I wanted in my size , we got to the bus station and waited on the exit ramp for half an hour for the bus only for it to be an ancient double decker with no wheelchair access. To make it worse we couldn't turn round til all the other passengers behind us squeezed past with all their shopper trollies and a fair few complaints that we were blocking the way! Nice to know sympathy is alive and well in the UK lol. Ah well, enough fun for one day, wonder what tomorrow holds?


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