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Lost Opportunity

milo Community member Posts: 129 Pioneering
Some time ago, my 15 year old step-daughter and her friend decided they wanted to spend 2 days in wheelchairs to highlight the difficulties faced by users. They decided to make it a sponsored event to raise money for a disability charity. With this in mind they emailed Scope. Sadly they received no response. Rather than cancel the event, they contacted a local charity who fully backed them and put out a press release. The wheelchair challenge went ahead over the weekend and made it onto the ITV regional news, local papers and the BBC website. It seems to me that Scope have missed out not only on the sponsorship raised by these two amazing teenagers but also on an incredible amount of free publicity purely because nobody responded to a 15 year old's offer.


  • Alex
    Alex Posts: 1,305 Pioneering
    Hi Milo,

    I'm really sorry to hear that. Please accept my apologies on behalf of Scope that your step daughter was not contacted. We would of course have loved to have supported her and her friend in such a fantastic challenge.

    If you'd like me to investigate as to why your step-daughter was not contacted -would you be able to provide any additional information as to when she emailed, who she emailed and her name? You can email me at community@scope.org.uk and I'll look into it.

    It's great to hear that it still got to go ahead. I'd love to see the coverage. Have you got a link you could post?

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