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Work placements for Students with disabilities in manchester

happyHal Member Posts: 2
edited October 2014 in Education
Hi, I would like to know if anyone has any information on any charities/ organisations that provide information on helping to find work placement places in Manchester. I work with students with disabilities and am struggling to find places that offer work experience.


  • VickyS
    VickyS Member Posts: 129 Connected
    Hey happyHal,

    I don't know of any organisations that would help your students get placements but if the students themselves are willing to put in some time then they could try contacting all the big businesses in the area. Wikipedia has a list of all the companies based in Manchester:, this would give them a good place to start.
  • happyHal
    happyHal Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for your quick reply Vicky S.
    Will definitely look into it.
    I'm just hoping that there's some sort of organisation that links me to them to make it easier, that way the students will have a choice of where there would wish to work.
  • melkadia
    melkadia Member Posts: 1
    Last year I launched what I have termed as Job Exposure Scheme (JES) for students attending a post-sec educational institution. The learners attending this Centre have moderate to severe disability. We first assess their potential to establish if they would benefit from participating in JES. We 'interview' the learners to establish the workplace that they would like to experience as well as their likes/dislikes. We also try to match their skills/attitudes to what employers require. We work in collaboration with employers associations who inform their members that placements are required.

    In our case we do not expect the students to find placements themselves. The reason/s for this is that we first assess the place of work to establish any potential hazards and to establish with the employer/HR manager what the learners will be expected to do. We have also identified those sectors which according to our research offer the best possibility of employment (probably supported) to the learners attending the Centre. If students try to find placements for themselves the 'structure' that has been established at the Centre will be bypassed.


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