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incontinence in children with CP

RachelW Member Posts: 2
Hi, my 7 yr old daughter has hemiplegia CP. She's always been prone to daytime wetting and sometimes at night, but this has worsened over last few weeks. She now wears special pants with absorbent pads, I've bought her a watch with preset alarms hourly to remind her to go, which doesn't seem to be working, and I've increased her fluid intake. I suspect that she often doesn't know that she's had an accident till she feels wet, I don't think she always feels the proper sensation of weeing, if that makes sense. Sometimes I think its a relatively small leak, other times its a full on wee, either way she's wet through most days when she comes home from school. Her CP is relatively mild, she's independent in other ways, but this is getting us all down. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


  • SuzyQ
    SuzyQ Member Posts: 2 Listener
    My 5 yr old daughter has CP - can't walk and is doubly incontinent.
    The incontinence is the main barrier to her gaining independence so it is worth being fully armed with all knowledge in this area.
    Ask your GP/consultant for an appointment with the incontinence nurse - every area has one - they are life savers. They offer us everything from free nappies/pads etc (delivered to our door) to advice and support.
    Ours is very positive and tells us that even though Casey is incontinent she can be 'trained' using brain rather than bladder techniques ..
    I am sure they will help you.
    Remain positive, formulate a strategy and put it in place.
    Also consider all the usual 'stress' related issues that children face - it could be that as well ..
    Good luck - keep us posted x
  • Emma
    Emma Member Posts: 85 Connected
    Do check out our Bedwetting tips from other parents and carers: There may be something useful in there for you. Also you may find some helpful ideas in the Bedwetting Q&A we ran with ERIC recently:
  • RachelW
    RachelW Member Posts: 2
    Thank you. We have a prearranged appt next week at the movement clinic, so I'm going to raise it then. I'm keeping a diary in the meantime of accidents. Will let you know how it goes. X


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