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joden1 Member Posts: 21 Listener

Dennis is still carrying on with his vomiting, which mostly comes on from transitions, anxiousness (we think) .

Im seeing Addenbrokes gastro team next mth to just discuss things!, has anyone on here had a child ( older child) have a nissens? Dennis is 9 nearly 10 and i worry it harder for them to recover the older they get.


Josie x


  • Nash
    Nash Member Posts: 5 Listener
    My son Matthew had a Nissens when he was 2 and he is now nearly 17. It was the best decision we ever made. Matthew never had vomiting but he was in constant severe pain. The PH study showed severe reflux. During his surgery he has a G-Tube inserted. He has been so healthy since, no aspirations or chest infections and he is very rarely ill. The g-tube was also a godsend as we could give him medication without him spitting it out. He has everything through his g tube now as he has lost his ability to eat (due to his cp) etc. For Matthew having the Nissen saved his life without a doubt. He would not have made it to age 3 had he not had it.
    Are you worried about Dennis recovery from surgery?
  • joden1
    joden1 Member Posts: 21 Listener

    Yeah i am, he has been put under twice before when he was under 3 and recovered well but because its been so long im scared i might rock the boat with his health. I just feel the sicis annoying him too aswell.

    josie x
  • Nash
    Nash Member Posts: 5 Listener
    It is a really difficult decision isn't it? When Matthew had the Nissen in Leeds, he was monitored in high dependency for a couple of days. He had an epidural in and spent about a week in hospital.
    Matthew has dystonic cerebral palsy which has really impacted his health the last 2 years making operations and anaesthetics very complex and risky. We always have a pre surgery meeting with the anaesthetist and go through all his medical history. Luckily the last few times he has had surgery we have been able to keep the same anaesthetist so he has received care from someone who knows him really well. The best thing is to discuss it with his consultant and see what they say. If you do decide to go ahead with surgery I would definitely insist on a proper meeting with the anaesthetist before surgery. Xx
  • renacahill
    renacahill Member Posts: 145
    Does he have a g tube.


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