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Hi, my name is RobnMel!

RobnMel Member Posts: 1
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I have a mentally disabled older brother and also mentally disabled younger sister. my mum had looked after them both there whole life until 2 years ago where she became terminally ill and passed away. I have looked after them both for the last two years which to my amazement I cannot get my head around the financial side of things. Robert and Marilyn both initially went under a care package which was horrific so I was told about direct payments which I have since Oct 2014 been claiming. However the financial outlay that my brother has to pay is mind blowing. I am trying so hard but seem to have one door after another slammed in my face desperate please help


  • Noah
    Noah Member Posts: 423 Pioneering
    Welcome to the forum,

    I so hope you find something that helps your situation.

    Firstly, well done for being a care giver, you have my respect, I know how difficult it can be sometimes.

    I would suggest giving the scope helpline a call on 0808 8003333 who are very well qualified to point you in the right direction with trying to get your head around the financial side of things.

    Also if you have any specific questions or concerns feel free to post on forum. Its a huge resource, with so many of us who have been there to some degree, and do understand.

    All the very best

  • Debbie_Alumni
    Debbie_Alumni Member Posts: 944 Pioneering

    Hi RobnMel,

    Welcome to the Online Community. I'm sorry to hear about the death of your mother and the difficulties you have had since taking on the care responsibilities of your brother and sister. I would be happy to talk to you in more detail about the financial aspects of the situation. If you would like to contact me directly at the helpline we can start trying to work through the process and see if there are any local support agencies in your area that can help you navigate through the system and get you the advice you need.

    You're doing a great job and you're not alone. Our online community is very helpful and supportive as you can see from Noah's post above. (Thanks Noah!)

    Best wishes



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