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Solo Travelling Advice For Someone with CP?

Yurei Member Posts: 8 Listener
Hi All, 

Firstly a bit of background about me.  I have a form of Spastic Diplegia which results in me needing to use my wheelchair for anything over 100m.  Using the chair isn't too much an issue (I used to play basketball before work destroyed my free time), but I do find some hill climbs almost impossible without help such as in and around Plymouth.

I have been looking at travelling around various places in sort of a 'gap-year style' across the states or Aus as in hostels going from place to place.  The only thing holding me back is my brain is seeing travelling solo as a bit daunting.  
What I am finding most daunting is getting around if I find somewhere is particularly 'hilly'.  

One thing I will note is that I am incredibly stubborn and don't like the idea of a powered chair.  I know this would solve my worry but I like to get up and fold my chair away wherever possible and I feel a powered chair would be too bulky for that.

What I'm really looking for are any stories or words of advise for travelling in this manner solo.  As it stands I know that may have to resort to taxis\public transport wherever it is I end up but I'd rather the 'walk'

Thanks in advance.


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