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Ash01 Member Posts: 2
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Hi everyone
Life has always been a mixture of highs and lows. Lows I hide myself, today I thought about volunteering online to help other disabled or housebound peeps like myself. I'm a young at heart mother of three beautiful children, who take my breath away laterally, I recently discovered I have been one 10th of the world populous dyslexic, thus the rationality of the way ive behaved in my past kicked in, rejecting bad negative experiences, blanking out hurt, leaving it on the corner or some say letting it go. But letting things go or forgiveness burdens us a great deal we get buried beneath our curtesy and openness. One thing after another, I have ended up with a herniated disc in my back, twice over last time I devoted my time to my new born daughter, so didn't feel the pain so much, this time s good day then an so, so day , other days it ok,  then there's aching leg muscles, spasms, and sore degenerated limbs. Life shows itself in all its hues. I live by myself. I am hoping to help by giving some sort of service online. Thank you for reading my words. Ash :) 


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