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Annabelle Short

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I was born in Cambridge and lived in Cambridgeshire until age 12 attending the local primary school, then from a 7 a private primary school, then at 11 for  a term and a half a single sex private secondary, then the following February the local state secondary school. That summer I moved to Malta with my parents. My older brother Julian ( who is five years older than me was nearly grown up. In Malta I attended an American system International School. In 1992 I attended St Christopher's School in Letchworth, This was a Quaker ethos school which had a vegetarian diet  I attended it until February 2003 when i moved to Ireland where I attended Crescent College which was a strict sixth college I didn't stay there long and after i left I attended Villiers School and it was here that I took The Junior Certification (which equates to O Levels so when aged 17 and half years old to return to the UK I ended up having to take GCSEs or equivalent qualifications. It took me the best part of ten years to get up to A level because I took courses on part-time basis. I have never worker and am now signed of as unfit to work meaning that that i am in support groups for ESA after quite a battle with the relevant authority which was fougt for me by one of  Money and Benefit Officers at my landlords who are Cheltenham Borough Homes who to cut long story short essentialy the local council.


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