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Inclusive cycling sessions in the New Forest

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Inclusive Cycling is about giving everyone and anyone the opportunity to share a common enjoyment of engaging with the New Forest on two, three or four wheels. It offers a fantastic opportunity to experience the National Park and to have a positive impact on mental and physical wellbeing, regardless of physical or intellectual ability, age or confidence level.

The New Forest National Park Authority has a range of adapted cycles including tricycles, hand cycles, wheelchair cycles, recumbent cycles and tandems, as well as two-wheeled bicycles. We have run sessions for a diverse range of participants, including:

  • Children or adults with special education needs
  • Children or adults with a range of physical, intellectual and sensory disabilities/impairments
  • Families of mixed abilities
  • People with weight management or health goals
  • The elderly
  • People with a mental health diagnosis
  • Recuperation after ill health or after an operation
  • Dementia and dementia-related diseases (such as Alzheimer’s)
  • Stroke recovery
  • Inexperienced cyclists

Everyone will be included in the session. In the event that we cannot provide a suitable cycle for a participant, the session will be adapted appropriately to ensure that they have the opportunity to participate if they choose to.

Family members and carers are strongly encouraged to join the sessions and share the experience of cycling in the National Park. If you’re not sure if the session is for you then get in touch. More information about sessions and equipment can be found at

To book a session or for any inclusive cycling related enquiries, please email [email protected] or call 01590 646683.



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