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Firefly Go To Seat

Blue Frog
Blue Frog Member Posts: 358 Pioneering
Hi, does anyone have one of these for their child? Are they as good as they sound, and what are the sizes like? They look brilliant and am really tempted, but would be great to hear from someone who has one :)


  • Zeezee
    Zeezee Member Posts: 78 Pioneering
    Hi Blue frog, I have one for Ziyal, it is brilliant in swings, on dining chairs, on the floor sitter, Zee's physio has even taken the jenx corner chair away as it was for stretching her hamstrings and the position of the Goto seat does the same job as the corner seat, which is a great space saver in my living room. The only thing I have an issue with is that the seat is not padded enough and Ziyal does get a sore bottom but I have asked someone to make a memoryfoam cushion to attach to it which I pick up on wednesday. On that subject it sounds like you live very close to me and there is a lady on Gorton market the baby equipment stall and she has found me a sunhood/raincover and shopping basket for my Snappi buggy and only charged me £7, it is the same lady who is making the cushion for my Gotoseat, she has also made cushioned strap covers for a lady who autistic son was suffering from sores because of his straps. She is very community minded and it really bugs her how people with disabled children are always ripped off and she told me to put her details on scope so if anyone needs anything specially made she will do her best to help. I don't really think she knows what she could be letting herself in for if I did put her details on the notice board but as I know you are local I thought I would tell you.
    Back to the Goto seat Ziyal has the first size which does have a lot of growing room in it and I do think it was worthevery penny. Although I still think it expensive especially the floor sitter. How old is your daughter. If she fits in we could meet up and you could try it out for a day or two, someone lent me a scooot a few weeks ago to try and I have just applied for funding to get one for Ziyal. It does make a difference when you can try a product first before spending so much money. Let me know how old/big your daughter is and we can see if we can work something out.
                                                 Speak soon zeezee x

  • Blue Frog
    Blue Frog Member Posts: 358 Pioneering
    Hi Zeezee, it's brilliant to meet someone who lives near by on here. The moderators have promised to set up personal messaging on here soon - so we can get in touch that way, maybe we can take the girls swimming together  :)
  • Zeezee
    Zeezee Member Posts: 78 Pioneering
    Hi Blue frog,
    Yes that would be great, it would be lovely to go with someone and ziyal would enjoy the company, also personal messaging would be very useful. We will have to make arrangements soon, I have a hectic appointment crammed wekk this week but maybe next week x


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