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Hi, my name is amandabarnes81!

amandabarnes81 Member Posts: 2
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I was born with cp i'm 33 yrs old now always had problems with my left side and had migraine headaches about 7 years ago I started having seizures now I have horrible pain in my left hip and leg its getting hard to walk in stores and do household chores


  • Noah
    Noah Member Posts: 423 Pioneering
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    Hi Amanda,

    Welcome to the Scope online Community, hope you find something helpful on here, feel free to ask any questions you have and share your experience.

    Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your left hip and your seizures, have you spoken to your doctor about it? Is there anything that changed 7 years ago that could possibly be the cause of your seizures?

    I can sympathies as I have also lived with CP for 33 Years so I understand to some degree.

    It is about finding solutions, that can and will make your life a little easier to manage.

    All the very best



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