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how to have get some help fiancially for medication?

Willoz15 Member Posts: 3

I'm working and I have to take medication all the time because of my legs pain and even in the groins as well. Each time I go to the chemistry I have to pay my medication. Is there any way to get some help financially? Thanks for your help


  • Debbie_Scope
    Debbie_Scope Member Posts: 944 Pioneering
    Hi Willoz15,

    There is some good information on the NHS website about help with health costs. It's worth having a look through and seeing if you qualify for help. There are all sorts of exemptions so do check through and see if any of those exemptions might apply to you. A pre-payment certificate is good way of cutting down the costs but it does depend on how many prescriptions you have each year as to whether it would be good value. Find out more by clicking the link

    Best wishes


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